beta-Lactam resistance and beta-lactamases in bacteria of animal origin.

  title={beta-Lactam resistance and beta-lactamases in bacteria of animal origin.},
  author={Xian-Zhi Li and Manisha Mehrotra and Shiva C. Ghimire and Lateef Adewoye},
  journal={Veterinary microbiology},
  volume={121 3-4},
beta-Lactams are among the most clinically important antimicrobials in both human and veterinary medicine. Bacterial resistance to beta-lactams has been increasingly observed in bacteria, including those of animal origin. The mechanisms of beta-lactam resistance include inaccessibility of the drugs to their target, target alterations and/or inactivation of the drugs by beta-lactamases. The latter contributes predominantly to beta-lactam resistance in Gram-negative bacteria. A variety of beta… CONTINUE READING

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