backus normal form vs. Backus Naur form

  title={backus normal form vs. Backus Naur form},
  author={Donald Ervin Knuth},
  journal={Commun. ACM},
  • D. Knuth
  • Published 1 December 1964
  • Computer Science
  • Commun. ACM
A Policy Language for Abstraction and Automation in Application-Oriented Access Controls: The Functionality-Based Application Confinement Policy Language
FBAC-PL is a novel scheme for application confinement policy that reuses, encapsulates and abstracts policy details, and facilitates a priori policy specification: that is, without having to rely solely on learning modes for creating policies to restrict applications.
A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Domain-Knowledge Inclusion Using Grammar Guided Symbolic Regression
A Reinforcement-Based GrammarGuided Symbolic Regression (RBG2-SR) method that constrains the representational space with domain-knowledge using context-free grammar as reinforcement action space and offers the best error-complexity trade-off is proposed.
The Structure-Behavior Coalescence Approach for Systems Modeling
A new approach for general-purpose systems modeling called structure-behavior coalescence (SBC) is introduced, which supports the integration of modeling both structural and behavioral aspects of a system in a single diagram.
Développement d'un outil d'évaluation performantielle des réglementations incendie en France et dans les pays de l'Union Européenne
Dans le but de faciliter la tâche d'evaluation du niveau de securite incendie aux ingenieurs et permettre aux specialistes impliques dans le domaine d'utiliser leurs langages et outils preferes, nous
Développement d'un outil d'évaluation performantielle des réglementations incendie en France et dans les pays de l'Union Européenne. (Development of a performantial evaluation tool for fire regulations in France and the countries of the European union)
A language dedicated to the field of fire safety, which automatically generates a simulation, taking into account the specific languages used by the specialists involved in the field, is proposed, based on algebraic specifications.
gramEvol: Grammatical Evolution in R
We describe an R package which implements grammatical evolution (GE) for automatic program generation. By performing an unconstrained optimization over a population of R expressions generated via a
Multiple Instance Learning
This chapter provides a general introduction to the main subject matter of this work: multiple instance or multi-instance learning. The two terms are used interchangeably in the literature and they
A Hidden Markov Model for Automatic Generation of ER Diagrams from OWL Ontology
This paper proposes an innovative technique for estimating the most likely composition of ERD constructs that correspond to a given sequence of OWL axioms using a Hidden Markov Model.
On the Design and Testing of Authorization Systems
There exists a precise semantics that improves the efficiency of access-enforcement over the accessenforcement without precise semantics, and it is shown that there exists a least-restrictive enforcement of the Chinese Wall security policy.
Open source software for train control applications and its architectural implications
The development of a graphical domain-specific language for modelling parts of the European Train Control System (ETCS) is presented, which is based on specialised data, control flow formalisms, and language elements derived from the specification document.


Some comments on the aims of MIRFAC
The size of a COMMON block is explicit in COMMON, DIMENSION, and TYPE statements; it may not be extended by EQUIVALENCE statements; this is particularly helpful in using FORTRAN IV named COMMON blocks, whose size may not vary from one subprogram to the next.
MIRFAC: a compiler based on standard mathematical notation and plain English
A pilot version of the compiler MIRFAC, now in the operation, is described, which includes the presentation of mathematical formulas entirely in standard textbook notation, the use of plain English for organizational instructions, automatic error diagnosis indicating the actual location of the error in the uncompiled program.
Specification languages for mechanical languages and their processors a baker's dozen: a set of examples presented to ASA x3.4 subcommittee
The computing community has now matured to a point where it should recognize the need for discipline and clarity in communication among humans, relative to communication between humans and machines, and this paper aids language development.