au 21 st Century Dissent : Anarchism , Anti-Globalization and Environmentalism

  title={au 21 st Century Dissent : Anarchism , Anti-Globalization and Environmentalism},
  • Published 2017
Digital Colonialism: South Africa’s Education Transformation in the Shadow of Silicon Valley
Over the past few decades, US-based technology corporations and surveillance agencies colonized the global tech ecosystem. This dissertation proposes a conceptual and theoretical framework toExpand
Just because of 20 cents? For a genealogy of the Brazilian ‘demonstrations cup’
ABSTRACT In June 2013, widespread popular unrest unexpectedly shook Brazil whilst the FIFA Football Confederations Cup was taking place. Nicknamed as the ‘demonstrations cup’ by protesters, this wasExpand
Essays in Anarchism and Religion
Anarchism and religion have historically had an uneasy relationship. Indeed, representatives of both sides have regularly insisted on the fundamental incompatibility of anarchist and religious ideasExpand
Emancipating transformation: from controlling ‘the transition’ to culturing plural radical progress
Current global environmental policy reverberates with talk of a new “Anthropocene epoch” defined by “human domination”, in which a “perfect storm” of catastrophic threats is forcing a singular “greatExpand