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arXiv : A new look at the estimation of the PDF uncertainties in the determination of electroweak parameters at hadron colliders

  title={arXiv : A new look at the estimation of the PDF uncertainties in the determination of electroweak parameters at hadron colliders},
  author={Emanuele Bagnaschi and Alessandro Vicini},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Phenomenology},
We discuss the determination of electroweak parameters from hadron collider observables, focusing on the $W$ boson mass measurement. We revise the procedures adopted in the literature to include in the experimental analysis the uncertainty due to our imperfect knowledge of the proton structure. We show how the treatment of the proton parton density functions (PDFs) uncertainty as a source of systematic error, leads to the automatic inclusion in the fit of the bin-bin correlation of the… 
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