ar X iv : g r - qc / 9 71 01 11 v 2 2 6 Fe b 19 98 Stuffed Black Holes


Initial data corresponding to spacetimes containing black holes are considered in the time symmetric case. The solutions are obtained by matching across the apparent horizon different, conformally flat, spatial metrics. The exterior metric is the vacuum solution obtained by the well known conformal imaging method. The interior metric for every black hole is regular everywhere and corresponds to a positive energy density. The resulting matched solutions cover then the whole initial (Cauchy) hypersurface, without any singularity, and can be useful for numerical applications. The simpler cases of one black hole (Schwarzschild data) or two identical black holes (Misner data) are explicitly solved. A procedure for extending this construction to the multiple black hole case is also given, and it is shown to work for all time symmetric vacuum solutions obtained by the conformal imaging method. The numerical evolution of one such ’stuffed’ black hole is compared with that of a pure vacuum or ’plain’ black hole in the spherically symmetric case. PACS numbers: 04.70.Bw,04.20.Cv Typeset using REVTEX 1

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