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Study on Localized Corrosion Induced by Non-metallic Inclusions in OCTG Steel
  • Linzhu Wang, Yutang Li, +4 authors B. Tuo
  • Metallurgical and Materials Transactions B
  • 2022
The initiation and propagation of localized corrosion induced by typical composite inclusions in OCTG (oil country tubular goods) steels were investigated by continuous immersion test combining
An Accelerated Proximal Gradient-based Model Predictive Control Algorithm
The experimental results show that the proposed accelerated model predictive control algorithm can outperform the state-of-the-art optimization software MOSEK and ECOS for the small size MPC problems.
Artikel Review: Pembuatan Bioetanol dari Limbah Popok Bayi Melalui Proses Hidrolisis dan Fermentasi (The Manufacture of Bioethanol from Baby Diaper Waste Through Hydrolysis and Fermentation Processes – A Review) Rachmat,
The use of disposable baby diapers in Indonesia reaching 85% of the baby's birth rate every year will be an environmental problem, so that the waste can be utilized in manufacture of bioethanol. This
A fast-stable algorithm for spatial mapping with a retransmission and rearrangement mechanism that addresses the algorithms of the time mapping problem with a powerful buffer algorithm and efficient connection and calculation limitations.
COVID-19 prediction through X-ray images using transfer learning-based hybrid deep learning approach
Compared to other current deep learning models, the HDCNN has achieved better results, and this can be used for diagnosis purpose after proper approvals, and is compared with other CNNs such as Inception-v3, ShuffleNet, SqueezeNet, VGG-19 and DenseNet.
Complement Factor H Gene Variant in a Patient with Thrombotic Microangiopathy on a Mixed Clinical Background
To ensure proper treatment choices such as eculizumab, the presence of complement dysregulation should be considered in cases of secondary thrombotic microangiopathy.
Correlation Analysis of Chaige Qinlian Decoction and Acupuncture Combined Intervention on Prognosis of Children with Pneumonia
Acupuncture combined with Chaige Qinlian decoction can effectively shorten the course of disease, reduce the levels of serum inflammatory factors, and improve the immune function of body for child patients with pneumonia.
Attendance recording with RFID tags scan, make human resource (HR) staff’s task more effective and efficient because it is saving time and effort in performing manual recording and recapitulation
Description of a New Compartment Model for the Prediction of Inclusions Modification in Tundishes
Steel reoxidation by atmospheric oxygen occurs in noninertized tundishes during filling and ladle changeover operations, leading to the modification of Ca-treated inclusions from ladle into harmful
Experimental wavelength-multiplexed entanglement-based quantum cryptography
In state-of-the-art quantum key distribution systems, the main limiting factor in increasing the key generation rate is the timing resolution in detecting photons. Here, we present and experimentally


Prediction of Overtopping Dike Failure: Sediment Transport and Dynamic Granular Bed Deformation Model
AbstractEarth dike failure due to overtopping flow produces a significant displacement of bed-sediment mass. While sediment dynamics typically prevails as a nonequilibrium condition, the bed deform...
Depth-averaged modelling of granular dike overtopping
Failure of river dikes due to overtopping is a dangerous phenomenon to be avoided, and a complex unsteady sediment transport problem that is under intense scientific consideration. Mathematical
Nonhydrostatic Dam Break Flows. II: One-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Modeling for Movable Bed Flows
AbstractThe dam break flow over a movable bed is an important problem in fluvial flow processes. These flows are usually predicted by a one-dimensional (1D) approach based on a hydrostatic pressure
Fluvial Hydrodynamics: Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Phenomena
Introduction.- Hydrodynamic Principles.- Turbulence in Open Channel Flows.- Sediment Threshold.- Bed-Load Transport.- Suspended-Load Transport.- Total-Load Transport.- Bedforms.- River Processes:
A two-phase model for fast geomorphic shallow flows
The paper introduces a 2D shallow water model based on a two-phase formulation for the analysis of fast geomorphic transients occurring in the context of river morphodynamics. Mass and momentum
1D numerical evaluation of dike erosion due to overtopping
Dike overtopping is an important issue in both scientific and practical aspects of sediment embankment erosion. This research is concerned with the validation of a one-dimensional numerical code
  • 2008
One-dimensional explicit finite-volume model for sediment transport
A 1D finite-volume model has been established to simulate the nonequilibrium transport of nonuniform sediment with transient flows, such as dam-break flow and overtopping flow, over movable beds. The
One-Dimensional Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Movable Beds
A one-dimensional model has been established to simulate the fluvial processes under dam-break flow over movable beds. The hydrodynamic model adopts the generalized shallow water equations, which
Computational Dam-Break Hydraulics over Erodible Sediment Bed
This paper presents one of the first dedicated studies on mobile bed hydraulics of dam-break flow and the induced sediment transport and morphological evolution. A theoretical model is built upon the