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Detection and Blockchain-Based Collaborative Mitigation of Internet of Things Botnets

A proactive IoT botnet detection system that detects the anomalies in the behavior of the IoT device and mitigates the DDoS botnet exploitation at the source end is presented, which makes the proposal a low-cost solution.

Dual wavelength spread-spectrum time-resolved diffuse optical instrument for the measurement of human brain functional responses

This work presents an alternative approach that employs spread-spectrum excitation to enable the development of a small, low-cost, dual-wavelength system using vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers.

$\beta$-DARTS++: Bi-level Regularization for Proxy-robust Differentiable Architecture Search

Beta-Decay regularization can impose constraints to keep the value and variance of activated architecture parameters from being too large, thereby ensuring the fair competition among architecture parameters and making the supernet less sensitive to the impact of input on the operation set.

Time-optimal Escape of an Omnidirectional Agent from the Field of View of a Differential Drive Robot

  • Ubaldo Ruiz
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems
  • 2023
This paper addresses the pursuit-evasion problem in which an omnidirectional agent (OA) wants to escape from the field of view of a differential drive robot (DDR) and finds the time-optimal motion strategies of the players to achieve their goals.

FP-SLIC: A Fully-Pipelined FPGA Implementation of Superpixel Image Segmentation

A fully-pipelined FPGA architecture based on SLIC, dubbed FP-SLIC, is proposed that exhibits a simplified and efficient algorithm of reduced computational complexity that facilitates algorithm development for FPGAs and a memory-efficient architecture that eliminates the requirement for external memory.

On the Effectiveness of Fine-tuning Versus Meta-RL for Robot Manipulation

  • Computer Science
  • 2022
This paper aims to demonstrate the efforts towards in-situ applicability of artificial intelligence (AI) in the rapidly changing environment by demonstrating the ability of these machines to learn and adapt to new situations.

A Novel Blockchain-Driven Framework for Deterring Fraud in Supply Chain Finance

Experimental results show that the proposed framework for deterring fraud in supply chain finance can effectively deter fraudulent supply chain financing as well as improve operational efficiency.

A conflict opinion recognition method based on graph neural network in Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis

A new D-MA-EGCN model is proposed to promote the accuracy of conflict sentiment recognition in online review texts and can dramatically improve the recognition accuracy of conflicting sentiments.

Assessment of Patients' Views on Drug Benefits and Risks: An Interview Study with Cardiovascular Patients

The results suggest that knowledge of benefits motivates patients to take their drugs as prescribed, and both emphases on clinical benefits and individualization depending on PHQ-4 scores may be valuable resources for patient counseling to support adherence.



Prediction of Overtopping Dike Failure: Sediment Transport and Dynamic Granular Bed Deformation Model

AbstractEarth dike failure due to overtopping flow produces a significant displacement of bed-sediment mass. While sediment dynamics typically prevails as a nonequilibrium condition, the bed deform...

Nonhydrostatic Dam Break Flows. II: One-Dimensional Depth-Averaged Modeling for Movable Bed Flows

AbstractThe dam break flow over a movable bed is an important problem in fluvial flow processes. These flows are usually predicted by a one-dimensional (1D) approach based on a hydrostatic pressure

Computational Dam-Break Hydraulics over Erodible Sediment Bed

This paper presents one of the first dedicated studies on mobile bed hydraulics of dam-break flow and the induced sediment transport and morphological evolution. A theoretical model is built upon the

Movable bed roughness in alluvial rivers

A method for the prediction of a movable bed roughness coefficient is proposed by relating the roughness parameter \iA to the nondimensional shear stress τ\u′\i\db/τ\i\dc\d5\d0 and the Froude number

One-dimensional numerical model for nonuniform sediment transport under unsteady flows in channel networks

In this study, the proposed one-dimensional model simulates the nonequilibrium transport of nonuniform total load under unsteady flow conditions in dendritic channel networks with hydraulic

Upwind Conservative Scheme for the Saint Venant Equations

An upwind conservative scheme with a weighted average water-surface-gradient approach is proposed to compute one-dimensional open channel flows. The numerical scheme is based on the control volume

One-Dimensional Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Movable Beds

A one-dimensional model has been established to simulate the fluvial processes under dam-break flow over movable beds. The hydrodynamic model adopts the generalized shallow water equations, which

Fluvial Hydrodynamics: Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Phenomena

Introduction.- Hydrodynamic Principles.- Turbulence in Open Channel Flows.- Sediment Threshold.- Bed-Load Transport.- Suspended-Load Transport.- Total-Load Transport.- Bedforms.- River Processes:

Depth-averaged modelling of granular dike overtopping

Failure of river dikes due to overtopping is a dangerous phenomenon to be avoided, and a complex unsteady sediment transport problem that is under intense scientific consideration. Mathematical