alpha-Synuclein and Parkinson disease susceptibility.

  title={alpha-Synuclein and Parkinson disease susceptibility.},
  author={Susen Winkler and Johann Hagenah and Sarah Lincoln and M Elizabeth Heckman and Kristoffer Haugarvoll and Katja Lohmann-Hedrich and Vladimir Kostic and M Kathleen Farrer and Christine Klein},
  volume={69 18},
BACKGROUND Mutations in the alpha-synuclein (SNCA) gene have been shown to be responsible for a rare familial form of Parkinson disease (PD). Furthermore, polymorphic variants in multiple regions of the gene have been associated with susceptibility to idiopathic PD in different populations. OBJECTIVE To evaluate and to confirm the role of SNCA variants in PD pathogenesis. METHODS We included 667 subjects (397 cases with idiopathic PD and 270 healthy, ethnically matched controls) of Northern… CONTINUE READING