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alpha-D-mannosidase forms in chicken liver.

  title={alpha-D-mannosidase forms in chicken liver.},
  author={L. Lucas and J. Martin-Barrientos and J. Cabezas},
  journal={The International journal of biochemistry},
  volume={16 2},
Two forms (I and II) of alpha-D-mannosidase have been separated by ion-exchange chromatography on DEAE-cellulose from embryonic chicken liver. A third form (III), which is absent in embryos, was also separated from 4-day-old chickens. The optimum pH of form I is at pH 5.0. Form II is named "neutral" because it shows maximal activity at pH 6.5. The optimum pH of form III is 4.5. Forms I and III are heat-stable at 50 degrees C for 1 hr, whereas form II is very unstable under these conditions. Zn2… Expand