alpha-Actinin links LPP, but not zyxin, to cadherin-based junctions.

  title={alpha-Actinin links LPP, but not zyxin, to cadherin-based junctions.},
  author={Marc D. H. Hansen and Mary C Beckerle},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={371 1},
The actin regulator VASP localizes to cell-cell junctions and has been implicated in cell-cell adhesion. VASP is recruited to sites of actin dynamics by interactions with proline rich FPPPPP motifs. Zyxin and its relative LPP use FPPPPP motifs to recruit VASP to specific cellular locations, thus directing changes in actin dynamics. It has been proposed that zyxin and LPP localize to cell-cell junctions by binding alpha-actinin. However, the role of alpha-actinin in recruiting zyxin and LPP to… CONTINUE READING