alpha(1)-Microglobulin: a yellow-brown lipocalin.

  title={alpha(1)-Microglobulin: a yellow-brown lipocalin.},
  author={Bo {\AA}kerstr{\"o}m and Lennart L{\"o}gdberg and Tord Bergg{\aa}rd and Peter Osmark and Arne Lindqvist},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1482 1-2},
alpha(1)-Microglobulin, also called protein HC, is a lipocalin with immunosuppressive properties. The protein has been found in a number of vertebrate species including frogs and fish. This review summarizes the present knowledge of its structure, biosynthesis, tissue distribution and immunoregulatory properties. alpha(1)-Microglobulin has a yellow-brown color and is size and charge heterogeneous. This is caused by an array of small chromophore prosthetic groups, attached to amino acid residues… CONTINUE READING


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