ab-initio study on Schottky-Barrier modulation in NiSi<inf>2</inf>/Si interface


Interface morphology dependent Schottky Barrier Height (SBH) and its modulation by substitutional dopants in NiSi<sub>2</sub>/Si interface have been investigated using density functional theory. An accurate band gap of Si was estimated by employing meta-GGA exchange correlation functional. We show that the SBH for electrons (in n-type semiconductor) is… (More)


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@article{Kim2015abinitioSO, title={ab-initio study on Schottky-Barrier modulation in NiSi2/Si interface}, author={Jiseok Kim and Byounghak Lee and Yumi Park and Kota Murali and Francis Benistant}, journal={2015 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD)}, year={2015}, pages={226-229} }