a-Si: H TFT SiN(下標 x)介電層製程改善

  title={a-Si: H TFT SiN(下標 x)介電層製程改善},
  author={陳炳茂 and 謝育霖 and 鄒一德 and 劉柏村},
This paper is devoted to the process of dielectric layer SiN(subscript x) in amorphous silicon thin film transistor (a-Si: H TFT), which were fabricated by using the different ratio of SiH4 to NH3. The degradation effect by different SiN(subscript x) deposition condition and voltage bias stress were measured to compare a-Si: H TFT performance for optimizing the SiN(subscript x) deposition process. The degradation effect of a-Si: H TFT can been analyzed by defect poor mode, the studied results… CONTINUE READING