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a “ Every six hour MRC Policy briefNo . 5 , June 2004 “ Ev ry six hour a woman is killed by her intimate partner ” : A National Study of Female Homicide in South Africa

  title={a “ Every six hour MRC Policy briefNo . 5 , June 2004 “ Ev ry six hour a woman is killed by her intimate partner ” : A National Study of Female Homicide in South Africa},
  author={Shanaaz Mathews and Naeemah Abrahams and Lorna Jean Martin and Lisa Vetten and Lize van der Merwe and Rachel Jewkes},
Background The killing of women by intimate partners (also known as intimate female homicide or intimate femicide) is the most extreme form and consequence of violence against women. Globally, gender differences are found in homicide patterns. Men are at greater risk of being killed than women and this is mainly done by other men. Women, on the other hand, are primarily killed by the opposite gender (Goetting, 1988). The murder of women by an intimate partner accounts for between 40 – 70% of… 

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