Zygomycosis in Italy: a survey of FIMUA-ECMM (Federazione Italiana di Micopatologia Umana ed Animale and European Confederation of Medical Mycology).

  title={Zygomycosis in Italy: a survey of FIMUA-ECMM (Federazione Italiana di Micopatologia Umana ed Animale and European Confederation of Medical Mycology).},
  author={Livio Pagano and Caterina Giovanna Valentini and Brunella Posteraro and Corrado Girmenia and Cristina M Ossi and Angelo Pan and Anna Candoni and Annamaria Nosari and M. L{\'o}pez De La Riva and C Cattaneo and Fausto Rossini and Luana Fianchi and Morena Caira and Maurizio Sanguinetti and Giovanni Pietro Gesu and Gianluigi Lombardi and Nicola Vianelli and Marta Stanzani and E Mirone and Gabriele Pinsi and Fabio F. Facchetti and Nino Manca and L Savi and Marco Mettimano and Ver{\'o}nica Selva and I Caserta and Paolo Scarpellini and Giulia Morace and Antonella d'Arminio Monforte and Paolo Antonio Grossi and Daniela Giudici and Anna Maria Tortorano and Alessandro Bonini and Luigi Ricci and Marco Picardi and Fabio Rossano and Rosa Fanci and Patrizia Pecile and Luisa Fumagalli and Laura Ferrari and Pier Leopoldo Capecchi and Ciro Romano and Alessandro Busca and Anna Maria Barbui and Mariagrazia Garzia and Ronaldo Minniti and Gabriella Farina and Maria Teresa Montagna and Fantin Bruno and Olivia Morelli and Anna Chierichini and Paola Maria Placanica and Elio Castagnola and Roberto Bandettini and Salvatore Giordano and Roberto Monastero and Maria Elena Tosti and Mario Renato Rossi and Pierangelo Spedini and Riccardo Mario Piane and Marcio Nucci and Federico Pallavicini and Matteo Bassetti and Francesco Cristini and Marilena La Sorda and M Viviani},
  journal={Journal of chemotherapy},
  volume={21 3},
The aims of the study were to analyze the clinical and epidemiological characteristics and treatments for patients who developed zygomycosis enrolled in Italy during the European Confederation of Medical Mycology of medical mycology survey. This prospective multicenter study was performed between 2004 and 2007 at 49 italian Departments. 60 cases of zygomycosis were enrolled: the median age was 59.5 years (range 1-87), with a prevalence of males (70%). The majority of cases were… CONTINUE READING
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