Zur innermolekularen, Statistik, insbesondere bei Kettenmolekiilen I

  title={Zur innermolekularen, Statistik, insbesondere bei Kettenmolekiilen I},
  author={Eugen Guth and Hermann F. Mark},
  journal={Monatshefte f{\"u}r Chemie und verwandte Teile anderer Wissenschaften},
  • E. GuthH. Mark
  • Published 1 December 1934
  • Chemistry
  • Monatshefte für Chemie und verwandte Teile anderer Wissenschaften

Elastic Entropic Forces in Polymer Deformation

The entropic nature of elasticity of long molecular chains and reticulated materials is discussed concerning the analysis of flows of polymer melts and elastomer deformation in the framework of

From Bulk to Structural Failure: Fracture of Hyperelastic Materials

  • P. Rosendahl
  • Engineering
    Mechanik, Werkstoffe und Konstruktion im Bauwesen
  • 2021
This thesis investigates the fracture of nearly incompressible hyperelastic media. It covers the different characteristics of bulk material failure under dilatational or distortional loads and

The memorizing capacity of polymers.

  • G. Reiter
  • Materials Science
    The Journal of chemical physics
  • 2020
A comprehensive and systematic investigation of out-of-equilibrium polymer properties will widen the scope of polymer science and enlarge the range of applications of polymers based on their responsiveness and adaptability derived from their memorizing capacities.

Filler and Rubber Reinforcement

In a sense, rubber reinforcement is very unique because it includes several functional properties other than mechanical ones. Among quite a number of compounding ingredients, reinforcing fillers,

Efficient Elastocaloric Cooling by Cyclic Adiabatic Deformation of Natural Rubber

In this diploma thesis I will introduce and examine a new refrigeration system based on the unique thermo-elastic properties of natural rubber. Natural rubber heats up and cools down reversibly

Improved approximations of non-Gaussian probability, force, and energy of a single polymer chain.

The presented approximations of non-Gaussian PDF, strain energy, and entropic force are at least 10 times more accurate than KG approximation and thus are an excellent alternative option to be used in micromechanical constitutive models.

Viscous and Failure Mechanisms in Polymer Networks: A Theoretical Micromechanical Approach

This paper proposes a theoretical micromechanical approach rooted in the network’s chains statistics which allows us to account for the time-dependent response and for the chains failure of polymer networks through a micronechanics formulation.

Basic Science of Rubber

The fundamentals of rubber science are described from the viewpoint of chemistry and physics. After general aspects are introduced briefly, topics specific to rubber are emphasized and their

The Geometry of Constrained Randomwalks and an Application to Frame Theory

  • C. Shonkwiler
  • Mathematics
    2018 IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop (SSP)
  • 2018
Using tools from symplectic geometry, this approach yields a fast algorithm for sampling loop random walks and seems like a promising tool for understanding the space of FUNTFs in ${{\mathbb{C}}^d}$ for any d.