Zur biologie und morphologie von Oecobius annulipes lucas (Araneae, Oecobiidae)

  title={Zur biologie und morphologie von Oecobius annulipes lucas (Araneae, Oecobiidae)},
  author={Lothar Glatz},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Morphologie der Tiere},
The biology of various species of the cribellate family Oecobiidae has been known only fragmentarily. Therefore observations on web construction, catching and mating behaviour of Oecobius annulipes are made. They are paralleled by morphological investigations on the mouth parts and the spinning apparatus. The results are in closest conformity with the corresponding characters of the ecribellate spider Uroctea durandi. A close phylogenetic relationship of both families is assumed. 

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