Zur Theorie der Kernmassen

  title={Zur Theorie der Kernmassen},
  author={Carl Friedrich von Weizs{\"a}cker},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Physik},
Theory of Fission Neutron Multiplicities and Implementation in MCNPX-PoliMi
Neutron multiplicity counting is a powerful technique used to determine the mass of nuclear material. It requires accurate knowledge on the ssion neutron multiplicity distribution. This study
De la production d’un faisceau isotopique de 50Ti à la première spectroscopie prompte d’un noyau superlourd, le 256Rf (Z=104)
Le tableau periodique est connu jusqu'a l'element Z=118, situe dans une region difficile d'acces. Un ultime Ilot de stabilite y est predit par les theories mais n'a pas encore ete mis en evidence.
Q-value effects in the synthesis of superheavy elements
Superheavy elements only exist due to nuclear shell effects, which stabilize them against spontaneous fission. Theoretical calculations predicted deformed shell closures at Z=108 and at N=162,
Orbital-Free Density Functional Theory for Molecular Structure Calculations
We give here an overview of the orbital-free density functional theory that is used for modeling atoms and molecules. We review typical approximations to the kinetic energy, exchange-correlation
Asymptotic behavior of the ground state of large atoms
We review some results on the behavior of the ground state energy and the ground state density for large atoms as the nuclear charge Z increases to infinity. Here the atom is described by various
New analytical techniques for the investigation of alpha clustering in nuclei
This thesis presents the analysis of two experiments, one measuring the He-4(N-14,a) and He-4(N-14,d)O-16 reactions and a second measuring the He-4(Ca-40,a), He-4(Ca-44,a) and He-4(Ca-48,a)
Unified description of linear screening in dense plasmas.
  • L. Stanton, M. Murillo
  • Physics
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2015
A new analytic pair potential is found for the ion-ion interaction that incorporates moderate electronic coupling, quantum degeneracy, gradient corrections to the free energy, and finite temperatures, and can be used in large-scale "classical" molecular dynamics simulations as well as in simpler theoretical models with no additional computational complexity.
Weizsäcker inhomogeneity kinetic energy term for the inhomogeneous electron liquid characterising some 30 homonuclear diatomic molecules at equilibrium and insight into Teller’s theorem in Thomas–Fermi statistical theory
A natural orbital functional theory for non-relativistic quantum chemistry due to one of us [MP] is here utilised to calculate the von Weizsäcker inhomogeneity kinetic energy at the equilibrium bond
Explanation of the Table of Nuclides: Qualitative Nuclear Mechanics from a NLHV Design (Part B) Nuclides from Hydrogen to Neon
Cordus nuclear theory, table showing proposed structures of the atomic nuclei for all nuclides from Hydrogen to Neon. Online supplement to: Pons, D. J., Pons, A. D., & Pons, A. J. (2013). Explanation
Numerical analysis of variational problems in atomistic interaction models
The present thesis consists of two parts. The first part is devoted to the analysis of discretizations of a class of basic electronic density functionals. In the second part we suggest and analyze