Zur Quantentheorie der Dispersion

  title={Zur Quantentheorie der Dispersion},
  author={Adolf G. Smekal},
  • A. Smekal
  • Published 1 October 1923
  • Biology
  • Naturwissenschaften

Investigation of Transition Metal Systems using new Methods of Raman Spectroscopy

In this thesis the results of Raman spectroscopy at transition metal material systems are presented. In particular bio inorganic copper complex model systems were investigated by steady state UV and

Phenotypic discrimination of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Raman spectroscopy

"This work was supported by the PreDiCT-TB consortium [IMI Joint undertaking grant agreement number 115337, resources of which are composed of financial contribution from the European Union’s

Entwicklung eines Terahertzspektrometers auf Basis von Terahertzquantenkaskadenlaser für hochauflösende Molekularspektroskopie

Many spectral signatures of ions, atoms and molecules have energies in the THz region. These characteristics can be used for applications in areas like security, medicine, material testing and for

Genèse de silice supergène sur Terre et implications sur Mars

La silice (SiO2), composant important des planetes telluriques, se trouve sous diverses formes. La genese de ses polymorphes amorphes et mal cristallises (opale-A, opale-CT, calcedoine) est encore

Evaluating Lignocellulosic Biomass, Its Derivatives, and Downstream Products with Raman Spectroscopy

An overview of what Raman spectroscopy is, and how it has been applied to the analysis of whole lignocellulosic biomass, its derivatives, and downstream process monitoring is provided.

Optical studies of dense hydrogen at multi-megabar pressures

Hydrogen, being the simplest and most abundant element in the Universe, is of fundamental importance to condensed matter sciences. Through advances in high pressure experimental technique, hydrogen

Thermodynamic properties and nucleation processes of upper tropospheric and lower stratospheric aerosol particles

  • D. Knopf
  • Chemistry, Environmental Science
  • 2003
Atmospheric aerosol particles are subject to thermodynamic and kinetic processes through interaction with their environment. Such processes involve, among others, composition changes due to uptake of

Nanosensor Applications in Plant Science

Plant science is a major research topic addressing some of the most important global challenges we face today, including energy and food security. Plant science has a role in the production of staple