Zur Problematik der Früherkennung von Hirngeschwülsten, die als einziges Symptom epileptische Anfälle hervorrufen

  title={Zur Problematik der Fr{\"u}herkennung von Hirngeschw{\"u}lsten, die als einziges Symptom epileptische Anf{\"a}lle hervorrufen},
  author={Udo Patzold and Peter J. Haller},
  journal={Journal of Neurology},
The diagnosis of brain tumour could not be made in 91 cases at the first investigation in a group of 1155 brain tumours. Slowly growing gliomas causing only epileptic fits and no other symptoms are especially difficult to diagnose. Of 21 personal observations of tumour seizures, in which the diagnosis of the neoplasm was missed at the first investigation in… CONTINUE READING