Zur Ornithologie Oceanien's

  title={Zur Ornithologie Oceanien's},
  author={Dr. G. Hartlaub},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r Ornithologie},
Totanus glolloides. • glareola. Limosa aegocesphala. Tringa minufa. • ,ubarquala. Zimicola Tlotgrh!tncha. Ilimantolgus candidus. tlecurvirostra ovocetta. 11aematopus ostralegus. Rhllnehaea bengalensis. Gallinago stenura. Gallinago gallinula. tlydrophasianus sinensis. Orlygometra rub(qinosa. Core-lhrura zeylaniea. Rallus striatu'~. , indicus. Porzana p~gmaea. Gallinula phoenicura. . crislala, . ehloropus. Porphyrio polioeephalu~. • scolopae4nus Bonap. A n s e r e s . Der Flamingo ist am… Expand
Type Specimens of Birds in The American Museum of Natural History. Part 7. Passeriformes: Sylviidae, Muscicapidae, Platysteiridae, Maluridae, Acanthizidae, Monarchidae, Rhipiduridae, and Petroicidae
Abstract This seventh part of “Type Specimens of Birds in the American Museum of Natural History” includes taxa covered in Vol. 11 of the Check-list of birds of the world, by James L. Peters andExpand
Clarifying the nomenclature of Pomarea species (Monarchidae) from the Society Islands
Summary. We re-examine evidence from the voyage of the corvette La Coquille in respect of the Pomarea monarch flycatchers from Tahiti and Maupiti, and conclude that Pomarea maupitiensis Garnot, 1829,Expand
From Early Polynesian Settlements to the Present: Bird Extinctions in the Gambier Islands 1
Abstract: Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the Gambier Islands are sometimes presented as an example, with Easter Island, of biodiversity collapse provoked by overexploitation of the naturalExpand