Zur Morphologie und Analytik einer akut-tödlichen Kaliumdichromat-/ Kaliumhexacyanoferrat(III)-Intoxikation


A 22-year old student with suicidal intent ingested approximately 4 g dichromate of potassium and 10 g ferricyanide of potassium. Shortly afterwards he requested medical attention, but in spite of gastric lavage and renal dialysis died 11 hours later in cardiovascular collapse. The pathomorphological and chemical-analytical findings are described and… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF00315050


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@article{Tiess2004ZurMU, title={Zur Morphologie und Analytik einer akut-t{\"o}dlichen Kaliumdichromat-/ Kaliumhexacyanoferrat(III)-Intoxikation}, author={Detlef Tiess and Friedeich Herber}, journal={Archiv f{\"u}r Toxikologie}, year={2004}, volume={27}, pages={273-291} }