Zur Endwirtspezifität der vom Hund übertragenen Sarkosporidienarten

  title={Zur Endwirtspezifit{\"a}t der vom Hund {\"u}bertragenen Sarkosporidienarten},
  author={A. O. Heydorn and F. -R. Matuschka},
  journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Parasitenkunde},
Dogs and raccoons were fed muscle of various intermediate hosts that had been infected either naturally or artificially withSarcocystis species transmitted from dogs. The muscle samples used for the experiments contained cysts of the following species:S. sp. of the donkey,S. bovicanis of cattle,S. ovicanis andS. sp. of sheep,S. suicanis of pigs, orS… CONTINUE READING