Zur Dimerisierung von Indolizinen an Palladium-Kohle

  title={Zur Dimerisierung von Indolizinen an Palladium-Kohle},
  author={Thomas Kreher and Helmut Dr. Sonnenschein and Lothar Schmidt and Siegfried Huenig},
Dimerisation of Indolizines by Palladium Coal Oxidative dimerisation of some indolizines by Pd/C in p-xylene was undertaken in order to evaluate reaction conditions for cyclophane syntheses. Surprisingly, alkylation by the solvent occurred at the 3-position of the indolizines 2 and 5 as a side reaction. In toluene, yields of alkylation products 4b and 8 exceeded those of dimerisation products 3 and 6. The alkylation by the solvent was fully suppressed by using chlorobenzene or… CONTINUE READING