Zum Nachweis des Clomethiazol im Urin


It may become necessary to prove that clomethiazole (Distraneurin) has been taken when supervising addicts, with traffic accidents under the influence of drugs and when the cause of death is unclear. Since the compound is almost completely metabolized in the body, a method has been developed to detect its main metabolite, 4-methyl-5-thiazole acetic acid in… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF02114499


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@article{Klug2005ZumND, title={Zum Nachweis des Clomethiazol im Urin}, author={Eduard Klug and Paul H Toffel}, journal={Zeitschrift f{\"u}r Rechtsmedizin}, year={2005}, volume={82}, pages={37-41} }