ZuRoutine: Perzonalized model of exercise routines

  title={ZuRoutine: Perzonalized model of exercise routines},
  author={Luisa Fernanda Barrera and Angela Carrillo Ramos and Andrea Paola Barraza and Sa{\'u}l Zapotecas Mart{\'i}nez},
  journal={2011 6th Colombian Computing Congress (CCC)},
This paper presents ZuRoutine a system that generates personalized exercise routines using a user profile as an information source. This profile manages user basic data such as preferences, tastes, pathologies, and others. The exercise routine generated by ZuRoutine can be articulated with a Personalized Diet (ZuDiet) and a Personalized Play List (ZuMusic). These services aim to encourage the user so he/she is consistent when fulfilling the exercise routine and additionally, by taking into… CONTINUE READING
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