• Materials Science
  • Published 2011

ZrTiCoAl Bulk Metallic Glasses and Their Mechanical Properties

  title={ZrTiCoAl Bulk Metallic Glasses and Their Mechanical Properties},
  author={Gao Hui-li and Chen Yong and He Jiang and Xu Jian},
Using "3D-pinpointing approach",Zr_(55)Ti_2Co_(28)AI_(15) alloy with high glass-forming ability (GFA) is discovered in quaternary Zr-Ti-Co-AI system,whose critical diameter for BMG formation reaches 8 mm.In comparison with Ti-free ternary Zr_(56)Co_(28)Al_(16) BMG,glass transition temperature(T_9) of Zr_(55)Ti_2Co_(28)AI_(15) BMG decreases by about 9K.Nevertheless,no significant difference is observed in the elastic constants such as Young's modulus,shear modulus,bulk modulus and Poisson's… CONTINUE READING