Zoospore chemotaxis of mangrove thraustochytrids from Hong Kong.

  title={Zoospore chemotaxis of mangrove thraustochytrids from Hong Kong.},
  author={Ka Wai Fan and Lilian Vrijmoed and Elliott B. Jones},
  volume={94 4},
Zoospores of mangrove isolates of Schizochytrium mangrovei KF6, KF7, KF12 (three strains), Thraustochytrium striatum KF9 and Ulkenia sp. KF13 were examined for their chemotactic responses to amino acids, carbohydrates, ethanol, and leaf extracts using a capillary root model. Most leaf extracts of mangrove plants and a marsh grass tested were shown to induce moderate chemotactic responses in zoospores of both S. mangrovei KF6 and Ulkenia sp. KF13. Of the remaining amino acids and carbohydrates… CONTINUE READING