Zoonotic ocular onchocercosis caused by Onchocerca lupi in dogs in Romania

  title={Zoonotic ocular onchocercosis caused by Onchocerca lupi in dogs in Romania},
  author={P. Tudor and M. Turcitu and C. Mateescu and F. Dantas-Torres and N. Tudor and F. Bărbuceanu and L. Ciucă and I. Burcoveanu and D. Acatrinei and L. Rinaldi and R. Mateescu and A. Bădicu and I. Ionașcu and D. Otranto},
  journal={Parasitology Research},
Onchocerca lupi is a filarial nematode, which infects the scleral conjunctival tissue of dogs, wolves and cats. Whilst adult nematodes localize in the conjunctive tissue of sclera or in the retrobulbar, microfilariae are found in the skin, and they are rarely diagnosed in asymptomatic animals. Since the first report of human ocular infection 5 years ago, up to 10 zoonotic cases have been identified in patients worldwide. We report, for the first time in Romania, three cases of canine ocular… Expand
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  • D. Otranto, P. Deplazes
  • Biology, Medicine
  • International journal for parasitology. Parasites and wildlife
  • 2019
New and Emerging Parasitic Zoonoses


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