Zooming in on light relic neutralinos by direct detection and measurements of galactic antimatter

  title={Zooming in on light relic neutralinos by direct detection and measurements of galactic antimatter},
  author={Alessandro Bottino and Fiorenza Donato and Nicolao Fornengo and S. Scopel Universita' di Torino and INFN-Torino INFN-Pavia Korea Institute of Advanced Study and Seoul.},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The DAMA Collaboration has recently analyzed its data of the extensive WIMP direct search (DAMA/NaI) which detected an annual modulation, by taking into account the channeling effect which occurs when an ion traverses a detector with a crystalline structure. Among possible implications, this Collaboration has considered the case of a coherent weakly interacting massive particle (WIMP)-nucleus interaction and then derived the form of the annual modulation region in the plane of the WIMP-nucleon… 

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