Zoom Exhaustion & Fatigue Scale

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Abstract In 2020, video conferencing went from a novelty to a necessity, and usage skyrocketed due to shelter-in-place throughout the world. However, there is a scarcity of academic research on the psychological effects and mechanisms of video conferencing, and scholars need tools to understand this drastically scaled usage. The current paper presents the development and validation of the Zoom Exhaustion & Fatigue Scale (ZEF Scale). In one qualitative study, we developed a set of interview… 
Zoom Fatigue, Psychological Distress, Life Satisfaction, and Academic Well-Being
Little is known about the psychological consequences of the recently increased utilization of videoconferencing, which has enabled life to proceed as close to normal as possible during the COVID-19
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We earlier wrote you a letter regarding the Zoom fatigue experience of students (Oducado et al., 2021). However, we believe that students are not the only ones affected by the physical and mental
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A 4D model describing the respective dimensions with their sub-dimensions based on theories, available evidence, and media coverage is presented to help researchers advance empirical research on videoconference fatigue.
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Overuse of videoconferencing for work may contribute to what has been called "Zoom fatigue": feeling anxious, socially isolated, or emotionally exhausted due to lack of social connection. Given
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Daily exposure to video conferencing in educational settings throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically increased zoom fatigue, and stakeholders must act immediately to minimize the risks while providing maximum benefits.
On the stress potential of videoconferencing: definition and root causes of Zoom fatigue
  • R. Riedl
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  • 2022
A definition for Zoom fatigue is developed and a conceptual framework that explores the major root causes of videoconferencing fatigue and stress is presented, based on research published across various scientific fields, including the disciplines of both behavioral science and neuroscience.
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The online remote learning revolution in the era of the pandemic has resulted in the massive explosion of videoconferencing technologies. The emergence of a new phenomenon of exhaustion and fatigue
Nonverbal Mechanisms Predict Zoom Fatigue and Explain Why Women Experience Higher Levels than Men
There is little data on Zoom Fatigue, the exhaustion that follows video conference meetings. This paper administers the Zoom Exhaustion & Fatigue scale to 10,591 participants from a convenience


Nonverbal overload: A theoretical argument for the causes of Zoom fatigue.
This article focuses on nonverbal overload as a potential cause for fatigue in Zoom, and provides four arguments outlining how various aspects of the current Zoom interface likely lead to psychological consequences.
Fatigue and pain related to internet usage among university students
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The results show that participants’ fatigue and pain levels depended on the duration of their internet use per day, indicating that control of internet usage time is needed to maintain the well-being of university students who use the internet.
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Purpose Today’s society interest in mobile photography drives consumers’ and brands’ growing usage of Instagram. This paper aims to address the consequences of excessive use of Instagram on the
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Results indicate that FOMO has the greatest impact on social media fatigue, not advertising factors as predicted, and privacy concerns continue to plague consumers and should be monitored by advertisers.
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The results suggest a strong association between boredom proneness and both information and communication overload, which, in turn, are strongly associated with social media fatigue.
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