Zoology of fractional Chern insulators

  title={Zoology of fractional Chern insulators},
  author={Yang-Le Wu and Bogdan Andrei Bernevig and Nicolas Regnault},
  journal={Physical Review B},
We study four different models of Chern insulators in the presence of strong electronic repulsion at partial fillings. We observe that all cases exhibit a Laughlin-like phase at filling fraction $1/3$. We provide evidence of such a strongly correlated topological phase by studying both the energy and the entanglement spectra. In order to identify the key ingredients of the emergence of Laughlin physics in these systems, we show how they are affected when tuning the band structure. We also… Expand
Interband excitations in the 1D limit of two-band fractional Chern insulators
Abstract We investigate the stability of the one-dimensional limit of ν = 1 / 3 Laughlin-like fractional Chern insulator with respect to the interband interaction. We propose a construction for theExpand
Numerical study of fractional topological insulators
Topological insulators are band insulators which are fundamentally different from atomic insulators. Only a non-local quantity called topological invariant can distinguish these two phases. TheExpand
Model Fractional Chern Insulators.
The first known models hosting intriguing states such as higher Chern number generalizations of the Fibonacci anyon quantum Hall states, the remarkable stability and finite-size properties make these models particularly well suited for the study of novel phenomena involving, e.g., twist defects and proximity induced superconductivity. Expand
Hierarchy of fractional Chern insulators and competing compressible states.
Important distinctions to standard fractional quantum Hall physics are striking: in the absence of particle-hole symmetry in a single band, an interaction-induced single-hole dispersion appears, which perturbs and eventually destabilizes incompressible states as ν increases. Expand
Charge Excitation Dynamics in Bosonic Fractional Chern Insulators.
This model contrasts the behavior of single particle models with counterpropagating edge states, such as the noninteracting Harper-Hofstadter model, where the chirality is manifest only for weak perturbations. Expand
Z2fractionalized Chern/topological insulators in an exactly soluble correlated model
In this paper we propose an exactly soluble model in two-dimensional honeycomb lattice, from which two phases are found. One is the usual Chern/topological insulating state and the other is anExpand
Adiabatic Path from Fractional Chern Insulators to the Tao-Thouless State
  • Sutirtha Mukherjee, Kwon Park
  • Physics
  • 2021
In view of the evolution from the integer to fractional quantum Hall effect, the next frontier in the research of topological insulators is to investigate what happens in fractionally filledExpand
Geometric stability of topological lattice phases
This work investigates the physical relevance of previously derived geometric conditions which quantify deviations from the Landau level physics of the FQHE, and conducts extensive numerical many-body simulations on several lattice models, obtaining new theoretical results in the process. Expand
Topological Flat Band Models and Fractional Chern Insulators
Topological insulators and their intriguing edge states can be understood in a single-particle picture and can as such be exhaustively classified. Interactions significantly complicate this pictureExpand
Topological phases in the Haldane model with spin–spin on-site interactions
Ultracold atom experiments allow the study of topological insulators, such as the non-interacting Haldane model. In this work we study a generalization of the Haldane model with spin–spin on-siteExpand