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Zoological notes from port Dickson : III. Crustacea Anomura and Brachyura

  title={Zoological notes from port Dickson : III. Crustacea Anomura and Brachyura},
  author={A. M. Buitendijk},
  journal={Zoologische Mededelingen},
From his stay at Port Dickson on the Malay Peninsula at the beginning of 1946 Major Dr. L. D. Brongersma of the N I C A Detachment brought home several species of crabs. A list of this material which is now incorporated in the collections of the Museum of Natural History at Leiden is given below, while on some of the more interesting species some remarks are made. Coenobita cavipes Stimps. — 26 specimens. Clibanarius padavensis De Man. — 1 specimen. Clibanarius infraspinatus Hilg. — 1 specimen… 
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