Zoogeography of the shorefish fauna of Clipperton Atoll

  title={Zoogeography of the shorefish fauna of Clipperton Atoll},
  author={David Ross Robertson and Gerald R. Allen},
  journal={Coral Reefs},
One hundred and fifteen species of fishes (14 oceanic, plus 101 shore and nearshore species) are known from Clipperton Island, a small, remote coral atoll in the tropical eastern Pacific (TEP). This fish fauna includes only ∼ 14% of the region's shallow-water species, and also is depauperate relative to the fish faunas of other isolated tropical islands. The island's isolation, small size, reduced habitat diversity, and oceanic environment contribute to this paucity of species.Fifty-two species… 

Sponges from Clipperton Island, East Pacific

The sponge fauna of Clipperton Island shows strongest affinities with the Central and West Pacific regions and only two or three species are shared with the East Pacific region.

Fishes of Clipperton Atoll, Eastern Pacific: Checklist, Endemism, and Analysis of Completeness of the Inventory

Abstract: An updated checklist of cartilaginous and bony fishes from reefs and nearby areas around Clipperton Atoll (eastern Pacific) is presented. The register was compiled from field surveys

Tropical Transpacific Shore Fishes

There is little clear evidence of strongly increased migration across the EPB during El Niños, including recent extreme events (1982--1983 and 1997--1998), but there is a strong bias toward eastward migration among the transpacific shore fishes, there likely is much more westward migration than previously realized.

Adaptive radiation of damselfishes (Perciformes, Pomacentridae) in the eastern Pacific

The results show the radiation process of Pomacentridae in the eastern Pacific as a dynamic dispersion system, which can be categorized in three main steps: mixture and speciation of species with close affinity to west Atlantic ancestral stocks in the Central Province, dispersion due to favorable conditions to Galapagos islands and Gulf of California and the more complex and perhaps long, gradual dispersal and radiation to temperate areas and isolated or marginal environments.

An updated checklist of the marine fish fauna of Reunion Island, South-Western Indian Ocean

The ichthyofauna of Reunion Island, Southwestern Indian Ocean, was sampled during several ecological and artisanal fisheries studies. Information from these investigations and from other sources were

Coral reef fish assemblages at Clipperton Atoll (Eastern Tropical Pacific) and their relationship with coral cover

The results showed that fish species richness and diversity were low at Clipperton Atoll and that, in isolated coral reefs with a low habitat heterogeneity and low human disturbance, live coral cover has a significant influence on the spatial variation of the reef fish assemblages.

Reef fishes of St. Paul's Rocks: new records and notes on biology and zoogeography

Of the 58 reef fishes recorded, four are endemic to St. Paul’s Rocks and about 80% also occur off the coast of Brazil, thought therefore to be regarded as an impoverished outpost of the Brazilian province.

Large-scale dispersal of the larvae of nearshore and pelagic fishes in the tropical oceanic waters of French Polynesia

It is shown that relatively little connectivity is likely among reef systems separated by >300 km in French Polynesia, but substantial exchange of larvae within a restricted range of reef fish taxa might occur at smaller spatial scales.

Biogeographic and latitudinal patterns of demersal fishes in the Mexican Pacific

Latitudinal patterns of composition, biogeographic affinity and indicators of taxonomic diversity are described for the by-catch fish community in five typical shrimping areas in the Mexican Pacific, suggesting that a taxonomic redundancy was present in tropical areas and higher taxonomic Diversity was present on the Upper Gulf of California, despite the lower species richness.

Eastern Pacific Coral Reef Provinces, Coral Community Structure and Composition: An Overview

Advances in our knowledge of eastern tropical Pacific (ETP) coral reef biogeography and ecology during the past two decades are briefly reviewed. Fifteen ETP subregions are recognized, including



Annotated Checklist of the Fishes of Midway Atoll, Northwestern Hawaiian Islands

A total of 266 species of fishes are listed from Midway Atoll in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, of which 258 are reef and shore fishes. The inshore fish fauna ofMidway is impoverished by


As nearly as can be determined from the various checklists, faunal works, and recent revisionary literature as well as an examination of specimens of certain species, in addition to the 13 worldwide fishes, 40 other tropical shore species have transgressed the Barrier at least as far as the offshore islands of the Eastern Pacific.

Mid-ocean isolation and the evolution of Hawaiian reef fishes.

New Records of Fishes from Johnston Atoll, with Notes on Biogeography

The focus of collecting efforts for the present study was the relatively unexplored depth zone between 25 and 75 m, deeper than previous diver collections and shallower than the majority of submersible observations.

Larvae of Nearshore Fishes in Oceanic Waters near Oahu, Hawaii

Comparison of catch data from three types of nets indicated that 1.25-m diameter bongo nets often sampled larvae as well or better than a 3-m Isaacs-Kidd trawl and that smaller, 70-cm diameterbongo nets were often as effective as the larger nets for certain abundant taxa.

A Genetic Comparison of Allopatric Populations of Shore Fish Species from the Eastern and Central Pacific Ocean: Dispersal or Vicariance?

The results are compatible with a long-range dispersal hypothesis, with either recent dispersal or continuing gene flow, but not consistent with a vicariant hypothesis which would regard the trans-Pacific species as relicts of a former world-wide, Tethyan distribution.

Distribution and retention of larval fishes near reefs in the Gulf of California

A study of larval fishes in the Gulf of California, Mexico suggests that traits such as non-pelagic eggs and well-developed hatchlings provide the opportunity for retention, but other taxon-specific factors determine whether such a distribution is realized.

Clipperton Atoll (eastern Pacific): oceanography, geomorphology, reef-building coral ecology and biogeography

Coral reef geomorphology and community composition were investigated in the tropical northeastern Pacific during April 1994. Three areas were surveyed in the Revillagigedo Islands (Mexico), and an

Variation in diversity of coral reef fish between French Polynesian atolls

The diversity of coral reef fish in seven atolls in French Polynesia is analyzed with respect to geomorphological characteristics of the atolls. The results show that size of the lagoon is more

Growth, dispersal, and identification of planktonic labrid and pomacentrid reef-fish larvae in the eastern Pacific Ocean

The body morphology and melanophore patterns of the eastern Pacific labird and pomacentrid larvae closely matched those of congeneric larvae described from other oceans, indicating that reef-fish larvae are capable of rapid long-distance dispersal.