Zirconia femoral head fractures: a clinical and retrieval analysis.

  title={Zirconia femoral head fractures: a clinical and retrieval analysis.},
  author={John Leander Masonis and Robert B. Bourne and Michael D. Ries and Richard W. McCalden and Abraham B Salehi and David C Kelman},
  journal={The Journal of arthroplasty},
  volume={19 7},
Zirconia femoral heads provide increased fracture strength, but 343 zirconia head failures have been documented since 2000. Retrieval analysis of 6 fractured heads, 4 suspect heads, 4 control zirconia heads, and 2 failed alumina heads was performed. Zirconia failures have been isolated to heads sintered in a "tunnel" furnace introduced in 1998. The monoclinic composition at the taper surface of fractured and nonfractured heads was significantly elevated (21% to 68%) compared to that of control… CONTINUE READING