Zines, Half-Lives, and Afterlives: On the Temporalities of Social and Political Change

  title={Zines, Half-Lives, and Afterlives: On the Temporalities of Social and Political Change},
  author={Janice A. Radway},
  journal={PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America},
  pages={140 - 150}
  • J. Radway
  • Published 1 January 2011
  • Art
  • PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
The term zine is a recent variant of fanzine, a neologism coined in the 1930s to refer to magazines self-published by Aficionados of science fiction. Until zines emerged as digital forms, they were generally defined as handmade, noncommercial, irregularly issued, small-run, paper publications circulated by individuals participating in alternative, special-interest communities. Zines exploded in popularity during the 1980s when punk music fans adopted the form as part of their do-it-yourself… 
Living in the wake of punk
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Almost since its inception, punk has been declared dead. What does it mean to live attached to something that is always, at least a little bit, gone? Examining how Justin Pearson merges personal
Zines as community archive
Zines are self-published, do-it-yourself booklets that have a long history as tools for activism in social movements. While archival studies has already explored the collection and preservation of
The felt value of reading zines
This article explores the meaning and materiality of contemporary zines. As do-it-yourself and profit-resistant publications seeing a sustained resurgence, zines are an interesting and valuable case
Grey matter/literature/area: Bucketfull of Brains, fanzine form and cultural formation
Having ceased publication in 2015, Bucketfull of Brains (aka BoB), founded in 1979 by Nigel Cross, is prime candidate for the United Kingdom’s longest-running music fanzine. When Cross relinquished
If a tree falls in the forest: the role of community formation and the power of the individual in zine making participation
Zine making is a complex practice, rich in parallel traditions and historical engagement in a number of vocal creative and social communities. Drawing on data from thirty-two depth interviews
Space Occupied: Women Poet–Editors and the Mimeograph Revolution in Mid-century New York City
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This essay explores the formative but largely unacknowledged role played by women in shaping the material and intellectual cultural productions of the mimeograph revolution in mid-century New York
Zine Culture: A Youth Intimate Public
Continuing the interest in youth counterpublics begun in Chap. 5, this chapter examines how zines and zine culture have become an important site for young people to discuss their experiences of
We Need to Talk About Zines: The Case for Collecting Alternative Publications in the Australian Academic University Library
It is argued here that zines are an important component of the cultural fabric of a freethinking, responsive and reflective society, and it is imperative that Australian academic libraries actively collect zines to preserve and make available for research, records of hyper-personal, contemporary texts that proffer to the reader an insight into the individual psyche of any given time.
Girls in the Public Sphere: Dissent, Consent, and Media Making
ABSTRACT Since the early 2000s, girls’ participation in the public sphere has undergone what may appear to be a radical transformation. For the first time, this group has gained access to the media
Shock and Consent in a Feminist Avant-Garde: Kathleen Hanna Reads Kathy Acker
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  • Art
    Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
  • 2016
Tracing a genealogy of feminist avant-garde aesthetics from punk feminist author Kathy Acker’s 1979 novel Blood and Guts in High School to riot grrrl performer and activist Kathleen Hanna’s music and


Navigating the Media Environment: How Youth Claim a Place through Zines.
Introduction Zine: A small handmade amateur publication done purely out of passion, rarely making money or breaking even. Sounds like zeen. Not short for "magazine" or written with an apostrophe
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This article identifies feminist third-space (both/and) consciousness in academic and nonacademic contexts. Although dissimilar, both academic discourses and zines (self-published magazines) are
Another Form of Crying: Girl Zines as Life Writing
The cover of Valerie’s zine, Farm Sweater Revolution #5, displays a narrow picture of a hand, presumably a woman’s, given the bracelets and the curve of the forearm, either chaining or unchaining
Girl Zines: Making Media, Doing Feminism
Acknowledgments Foreword by Andi Zeisler Introduction 1 "If I Didn't Write These Things No One Else Would Either": The Feminist Legacy of Grrrl Zines and the Origins of the Third Wave 2 Why Zines