Zinc metabolism in humans: a kinetic model.

  title={Zinc metabolism in humans: a kinetic model.},
  author={David M. Foster and R L Aamodt and Robert Irwin Henkin and Mones Berman},
  journal={The American journal of physiology},
  volume={237 5},
A quantitative model is developed that describes the kinetics of the early phases of zinc metabolism in humans. The model is based on averaged data obtained over 5 days from 17 atients with smell and/or taste dysfunction who were given 69mZn in trace amounts orally and intravenously. A function describing the rate of entry of 69mZn into systemic plasma following ingestion of the isotope is derived showing that about 37% of the ingested zinc enters plasma. Gastrointestinal absorption is… CONTINUE READING

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