Zinc blende GaAsSb nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy.

  title={Zinc blende GaAsSb nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy.},
  author={D. Dheeraj and Gilles Patriarche and Ludovic Largeau and Haitao Zhou and A T J van Helvoort and Frank Glas and Jean Christophe Harmand and B. O. Fimland and Helge Weman},
  volume={19 27},
We report the growth of GaAsSb nanowires (NWs) on GaAs(111)B substrates by Au-assisted molecular beam epitaxy. The structural characteristics of the GaAsSb NWs have been investigated in detail. Their Sb mole fraction was found to be about 25%. Their crystal structure was found to be pure zinc blende (ZB), in contrast to the wurtzite structure observed in GaAs NWs grown under similar conditions. The ZB GaAsSb NWs exhibit rotational twins around their [111]B growth axis, with twin-free segments… CONTINUE READING
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