Zinc and skin: a brief summary.

  title={Zinc and skin: a brief summary.},
  author={P. C. Kumar and Niharika Ranjan Lal and Ashim Kumar Mondal and Avijit Mondal and Ramesh Chandra Gharami and Arunasis Maiti},
  journal={Dermatology online journal},
  volume={18 3},
Zinc is an essential trace element that is an integral component of many metallo-enzymes in the body and thus serves many biological functions. The clinical presentation of zinc deficiency varies and depends on serum zinc level. Whereas a significantly low serum zinc level results in clinical features similar to acrodermatitis enteropathica, mild hypozincemia presents with a less characteristic appearance; hence it may be underdiagnosed. Recognition of various cutaneous lesions is required for… CONTINUE READING