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Zinc Deficiency among Malnourished Children under 5 Years in Gaza City

  title={Zinc Deficiency among Malnourished Children under 5 Years in Gaza City},
  author={Mirvat H Abdraboh and Adnan A Alwahaidi and A. Mostafa and B. Zabut},
Zinc is one of the trace elements important in human nutrition and metabolism. Zinc deficiency is now recognized as one of the most severe problems of human malnutrition world-wide. It is caused by low dietary intake of zinc and related to growth retardation in children, loss of appetite, impaired immune function and diarrhea. Objective: To investigate zinc deficiency among malnourished children under 5 years in Gaza city. Methodology: This cross sectional study consisted of 300 malnourished… Expand

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