Zika virus directly infects peripheral neurons and induces cell death

  title={Zika virus directly infects peripheral neurons and induces cell death},
  author={Yohan Oh and Feiran Zhang and Yaqing Wang and Emily M. Lee and In Young Choi and Hotae Lim and Fahimeh Mirakhori and Ronghua Li and Luoxiu Huang and Tianlei Xu and Hao Wu and Cui Li and Chengfeng Qin and Zhexing Wen and Qing-feng Wu and Hengli Tang and Zhiheng Xu and Peng Jin and Hongjun Song and Guoli Ming and Gabsang Lee},
  booktitle={Nature Neuroscience},
Zika virus (ZIKV) infection is associated with neurological disorders of both the CNS and peripheral nervous systems (PNS), yet few studies have directly examined PNS infection. Here we show that intraperitoneally or intraventricularly injected ZIKV in the mouse can infect and impact peripheral neurons in vivo. Moreover, ZIKV productively infects stem-cell-derived human neural crest cells and peripheral neurons in vitro, leading to increased cell death, transcriptional dysregulation and cell… CONTINUE READING


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