Zika Virus in the Americas--Yet Another Arbovirus Threat.

  title={Zika Virus in the Americas--Yet Another Arbovirus Threat.},
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  • Published 17 February 2016
  • Medicine
  • The New England journal of medicine
The explosive pandemic of Zika virus infection in South and Central America is the most recent of four unexpected arrivals of important arthropod-borne viral diseases in the Western Hemisphere over the past 20 years. Is this an important new disease-emergence pattern? 

Zika Pandemic - Recent threat to mankind

Recently more than 13 countries in the Americas have reported sporadic Zika virus infections indicating rapid geographic expansion of Zika virus, according to the World Health Organization.

Zika Virus: Anatomy of a Global Health Crisis.

  • Chris Fellner
  • Medicine
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  • 2016
This work addresses the rapid global spread of Zika virus infection, and the prospects for successful prevention and treatment, and investigates the links to microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome in adults.

Zika Virus: Diagnostics for an Emerging Pandemic Threat

This minireview details the methods that are available to diagnose ZIKV infection and describes how to identify the mosquito-borne Zika virus infection.

Zika Virus: Diagnosis, Therapeutics, and Vaccine.

The current explosive epidemic of Zika virus in South and Central America, as well as the Caribbean, poses a global public health emergency. Here we comment on the challenges on development of better

Global emergence of Zika virus

Zika virus (ZIKV) belongs to the flaviviruses (family Flaviviridae), which includes dengue, yellow fever, West Nile, and Japanese encephalitis viruses. Zika virus was isolated in 1947, in the Zika

Zika Virus: New Clinical Syndromes and Its Emergence in the Western Hemisphere

The history and epidemiology of ZikV infection, recent outbreaks in Oceania and the emergence of ZIKV in the Western Hemisphere, newly ascribed complications of Zika virus infection, including Guillain-Barré syndrome and microcephaly, potential interactions between ZikaV and dengue virus, and the prospects for the development of antiviral agents and vaccines are discussed.

Zika - A Pandemic in Progress?

The emerging threat of Zika virus outbreak with associated neurological abnormalities needs to be assessed in perspective in terms of its ability to cause a pandemic. This article attempts to throw

Zika Virus: An Emergence of a New Arbovirus.

The present article is a short review about this new virus and in the absence of further studies the precautions seems to be the best way of protection from this virus.

Zika virus and Zika fever

The virological, epidemiological, and clinical essentials of ZIKV infection are reviewed, demonstrating a close association between infant microcephaly and Zika infection in pregnant women.

Once and future epidemics: Zika virus emerging

Zika virus again reminds us that we need a globally coordinated system to protect against outbreaks caused by perilous pathogens.



Chikungunya at the door--déjà vu all over again?

A chikungunya fever outbreak that appeared in the Caribbean in December has spread to the Americas, where populations were not previously exposed to alphaviruses. The potential for chikungunya to

Zika virus in Brazil and the danger of infestation by Aedes (Stegomyia) mosquitoes.

This review is focused on viruses transmitted by Aedes (Stegomyia) mosquitoes, including dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, Mayaro, and yellow fever virus, to emphasize the risks of occurrence for these arboviruses in Brazil and neighboring countries.

Zika virus. I. Isolations and serological specificity.

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

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  • 2014
The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control was set up in 2005 to strengthen Europe's defences against infectious diseases. The centre is an independent agency of the European Union and is