Zidovudine phosphorylation and mitochondrial toxicity in vitro.


Zidovudine (ZDV) is a thymidine analogue activated to its triphosphate (ZDVTP) by the host's intracellular enzymes. The initial phosphorylation step is conversion to ZDV monophosphate (ZDVMP). The poor affinity of ZDVMP for thymidylate kinase results in intracellular accumulation of ZDVMP. Clinical use of ZDV is associated with cytotoxicity, thought to be… (More)


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@article{Sales2001ZidovudinePA, title={Zidovudine phosphorylation and mitochondrial toxicity in vitro.}, author={Sean D Sales and Patrick G Hoggard and Deirdre Sunderland and Saye Hock Khoo and Charles A. Hart and D. J. Back}, journal={Toxicology and applied pharmacology}, year={2001}, volume={177 1}, pages={54-8} }