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Zeta Strings

  title={Zeta Strings},
  author={Branko Dragovich},
We introduce nonlinear scalar field models for open and open-closed strings with spacetime derivatives encoded in the operator val-ued Riemann zeta function. The corresponding two Lagrangians are derived in an adelic approach starting from the exact Lagrangians for effective fields of p -adic tachyon strings. As a result tachyons are absent in these models. These new strings we propose to call zeta strings. Some basic classical properties of the zeta strings are obtained and presented in this… 


We consider construction of some Lagrangians which contain the Riemann zeta function. The starting point in their construction is p-adic string theory. These Lagrangians describe some nonlocal and

Nonlocal dynamics of p-adic strings

We consider the construction of Lagrangians that might be suitable for describing the entire p-adic sector of an adelic open scalar string. These Lagrangians are constructed using the Lagrangian for

The p-adic sector of the adelic string

We study the construction of Lagrangians that can be considered the Lagrangians of the p-adic sector of an adelic open scalar string. Such Lagrangians are closely related to the Lagrangian for a

Some Lagrangians with

Some nonlocal and nonpolynomial scalar field models originated from p-adic string theory are considered. Infinite number of space- time derivatives is governed by the Riemann zeta function through

Thermodynamics of string field theory motivated nonlocal models

A bstractWe investigate the thermodynamic properties of the nonlocal tachyon motivated by their nonlocal structure in string field theory. We use previously developed perturbative methods for

Some Lagrangians with Zeta Function Nonlocality

Some nonlocal and nonpolynomial scalar field models originated from p-adic string theory are considered. Infinite number of spacetime derivatives is governed by the Riemann zeta function through

Thermodynamics and cosmological constant of non-local field theories from p-adic strings

We develop the thermodynamics of field theories characterized by non-local propagators. We analyze the partition function and main thermodynamic properties arising from perturbative thermal loops. We

Cosmological Signature of Tachyon Condensation

We consider the dynamics of the open string tachyon condensation in a framework of the cubic fermionic String Field Theory including a non-minimal coupling with closed string massless modes, the

Generalised boundary terms for higher derivative theories of gravity

A bstractIn this paper we wish to find the corresponding Gibbons-Hawking-York term for the most general quadratic in curvature gravity by using Coframe slicing within the Arnowitt-Deser-Misner (ADM)

On the Riemann Hypothesis. Formulas explained - ψ(x) as equivalent RH. Mathematical connections with “Aurea” section and some sectors of String Theory.

In this work the authors will examine the themes of RH, equivalent RH and GRH. The authors will explain some formulas and will show other special functions that are usually introduced with the PNT



Tachyon condensation in open-closed p-adic string theory

We study a simple model of p-adic closed and open strings. It sheds some light on the dynamics of tachyon condensation for both types of strings. We calculate the effect of static and decaying

On Exact Tachyon Potential in Open String Field Theory

In these notes we revisit the tachyon lagrangian in the open string field theory using background independent approach of Witten from 1992. We claim that the tree level lagrangian (up to second order

Tachyon condensation and brane descent relations in p-adic string theory

Stress Tensors in p-adic String Theory and Truncated OSFT

The stress tensors are constructed for the p-adic string model and for the pure tachyonic sector of open string field theory by naive metric covariantization of the action and the concrete energy density of a lump solution of thep-adic model is given.

p-adic string theories provide lattice Discretization to the ordinary string worldsheet.

It is proposed that p-adic strings provide discretization for the string worldsheet and it is argued that the limit is naturally thought of as a continuum limit in the sense of the renormalization group.

Effective scalar field theory of p-adic string.

  • FramptonOkada
  • Mathematics
    Physical review. D, Particles and fields
  • 1988
Using the effective scalar field theory of the p-adic string, we show the equivalence of two previously derived sets of classical Feynman rules: one by the present authors, the other by Brekke et al.

Towards p-Adic string in constant B-field

Deformation of p-adic string amplitudes in a magnetic field

Mode interactions of the tachyon condensate in p-adic string theory

We study the fluctuation modes for lump solutions of the tachyon effective potential in p-adic open string theory. We find a discrete spectrum with equally spaced mass squared levels. We also find

p-Adic Strings and Noncommutativity

Some possible connections between p-adic string theory and noncommutativity are considered. Their relation to the uncertainty in space measurements at the Planck scale is discussed. Existence of new