Zero thermal expansion in NaZn13-type La(Fe,Si)13 compounds.


A zero thermal expansion material in a pure form of NaZn13-type La(Fe,Si)13 was fabricated. Through optimizing the chemical composition, an isotropic zero thermal expansion material is achieved. The obtained materials exhibit a low expansion of |α| < 1.0 × 10(-6) K(-1) (α is the coefficient of linear thermal expansion) over a broad temperature range (15-150 K). The present study indicates that the thermal expansion behavior of the NaZn13-type La(Fe,Si)13 compounds depends mainly on the content of Si element. This new material is desirable in many fields of industry as a reliable and low-cost zero thermal expansion material.

DOI: 10.1039/c4cp04672b

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@article{Wang2015ZeroTE, title={Zero thermal expansion in NaZn13-type La(Fe,Si)13 compounds.}, author={Wei Wang and Rongjin Huang and Wen Li and Jie Tan and Yuqiang Zhao and Shaopeng Li and Chuanjun Huang and Laifeng Li}, journal={Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP}, year={2015}, volume={17 4}, pages={2352-6} }