Zero-sequence harmonics current minimization using zero-blocking reactor and Zig-Zag transformer

  title={Zero-sequence harmonics current minimization using zero-blocking reactor and Zig-Zag transformer},
  author={Qipeng Song and Zhongdong Yin and Jinhui Xue and Lixia Zhou},
  journal={2008 Third International Conference on Electric Utility Deregulation and Restructuring and Power Technologies},
In the distribution power system, the third harmonics of zero-sequence caused by nonlinear loads usually result in high-voltage distortion levels throughout the facility, neutral conductor overloading, motor heating, transformer heating, increased losses, and excessive harmonic injection onto the utility supply system. This paper presents a novel method for minimizing the zero-sequence harmonics by using zero-sequence blocking reactor (ZSBR) and Zig-Zag transformer. Zig-Zag transformer is a… CONTINUE READING
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