Zero-lag long-range synchronization via dynamical relaying.

  title={Zero-lag long-range synchronization via dynamical relaying.},
  author={Ingo Fischer and Ra{\'u}l Vicente and Javier M. Buld{\'u} and Michael Peil and Claudio R. Mirasso and M. C. Torrent and Jordi Garc{\'i}a-Ojalvo},
  volume={20 1},
We show that isochronous synchronization between two delay-coupled oscillators can be achieved by relaying the dynamics via a third mediating element, which surprisingly lags behind the synchronized outer elements. The zero-lag synchronization thus obtained is robust over a considerable parameter range. We substantiate our claims with experimental and numerical evidence of such synchronization solutions in a chain of three coupled semiconductor lasers with long interelement coupling delays. The… CONTINUE READING