Zero-Error Communication via Quantum Channels, Noncommutative Graphs, and a Quantum Lovász Number

  title={Zero-Error Communication via Quantum Channels, Noncommutative Graphs, and a Quantum Lov{\'a}sz Number},
  author={Runyao Duan and S. Severini and A. Winter},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Information Theory},
  • Runyao Duan, S. Severini, A. Winter
  • Published 2013
  • Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics
  • IEEE Transactions on Information Theory
  • We study the quantum channel version of Shannon's zero-error capacity problem. Motivated by recent progress on this question, we propose to consider a certain subspace of operators (so-called operator systems) as the quantum generalization of the adjacency matrix, in terms of which the zero-error capacity of a quantum channel, as well as the quantum and entanglement-assisted zero-error capacities can be formulated, and for which we show some new basic properties. Most importantly, we define a… CONTINUE READING
    Zero-error communication via quantum channels and a quantum Lovász θ-function
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    Complexity and Capacity Bounds for Quantum Channels
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    Quantum source-channel coding and non-commutative graph theory
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    On Zero-Error Communication via Quantum Channels in the Presence of Noiseless Feedback
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    Separation Between Quantum Lovász Number and Entanglement-Assisted Zero-Error Classical Capacity
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