Zeolites-catalyzed Alkylation of Isobutane with 2-butene: Influence of Acidic Properties

  title={Zeolites-catalyzed Alkylation of Isobutane with 2-butene: Influence of Acidic Properties},
  author={Kye Sang Yoo and Panagiotis G. Smirniotis},
  journal={Catalysis Letters},
  • Kye Sang Yoo, Panagiotis G. Smirniotis
  • Published 2005
  • Chemistry
  • Catalysis Letters
  • The influence of acidity properties of zeolites on the alkylation of isobutane with 2-butene was studied using ultrastable Y (USY) zeolites. Most zeolites possessed almost comparable hydrogen transfer activity except for USY-30, which has the lowest acid site density. On the other hand, the strength of acid sites increased with degrees of dealumination. During the alkylation, a maximum in catalytic activity for certain Si/Al ratios were observed. This behavior is believed to be a result of a… CONTINUE READING

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