Zeka ve duygudurum belirtilerinin grup psikoterapisi öncesi ve sonrasında değerlendirilmesi

  title={Zeka ve duygudurum belirtilerinin grup psikoterapisi {\"o}ncesi ve sonrasında değerlendirilmesi},
  author={Kaplan Kurnaz Bilge and Ezerbolat {\"O}zateş Melike and Abd{\"u}lkadir Çevik and Şent{\"u}rk Cankorur Vesile},
Amac: Ruhsal hastaliklarin tedavisinde etkin bir tedavi secenegi olan grup psikoterapisine dahil edilecek uyelerin icgoru becerisine sahip olmalari beklenmektedir. Icgorunun zeka ile iliskisi ongorulebilir olmakla birlikte zekayi degerlendiren testler icgoruye iliskin bilgi saglamamaktadir. Grup uyelerinin secilmesi asamasinda icgoru becerileri degerlendirilirken zeka duzeylerinin ve ruhsal belirtilerinin degerlendirilmesi grup kompozisyonunun olusturulmasina katki saglar. Bu baglamda bu… 


[Effectiveness of intensive group psychotherapy in treatment of neurotic and personality disorders].
Intensive, short-term group psychotherapy with elements of individual therapy is an effective treatment for neurotic disorders, and the majority of treated persons obtains a significant symptomatic improvement and a reduction in the severity of neurotic personality traits.
Cognitive impairment in depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis
It is argued that remediation of cognitive impairment and alleviation of depressive symptoms each play an important role in improving outcome for patients with depression, and cognitive impairment represents a core feature of depression that cannot be considered an epiphenomenon that is entirely secondary to symptoms of low mood.
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Impoverished personal relationships are found to be an important predictor of offense among persons with intellectual disability and a Personality Disorder Characteristics Checklist allows screening for personality disorders among intellectual disability offenders.
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There is evidence that LTPP is an effective treatment for complex mental disorders, and further research should address the outcome of LTPP in specific mental disorders and should include cost-effectiveness analyses.
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