Zeaxanthin is bioavailable from genetically modified zeaxanthin-rich potatoes.

  title={Zeaxanthin is bioavailable from genetically modified zeaxanthin-rich potatoes.},
  author={Achim Bub and Jutta Moeseneder and Gerhard Wenzel and Gerhard Rechkemmer and Karlis Briviba},
  journal={European journal of nutrition},
  volume={47 2},
The carotenoid zeaxanthin accumulates in the human macula lutea and protects retinal cells from blue light damage. However, zeaxanthin intake from food sources is low. Increasing zeaxanthin in common foods such as potatoes by traditional plant breeding or by genetic engineering could contribute to an increased intake of this carotenoid and, consequently, to a decreased risk of age-related macular degeneration. Our aim was to investigate whether zeaxanthin from genetically modified zeaxanthin… CONTINUE READING